Berlin’s Memoires
The principle of shadowing
Acid Window
The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,
But i have promises to keep,
And miles to go before i sleep,
Did you hear me Butterfly?,
And miles to go before i sleep.’
Sun Leak

 Three years ago i started my quest in shooting film, if i had to speak about my first roll, in my first film camera(which i now call my trusty Olympus OM10+), this image would show up. It stands for both these situations over my mocking words, in fact it reminds me of that anxiety for end results i got hooked on, that grain, that color fringing, which essentially is due to the addition of a third element in the process , film! It can go wrong or incredibly well, you have the choice, there is one film for each occasion and not one for all, the learning and surprise factor are always there and i adore how it is.
After this first roll, which contains this photo and many others that i am passionate about, the quest began and hopefully it shall continue.
Oh the simple life
Manly morning skies
Choose your way’s
Steps and view
Calm or senseless